The Process

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1 - Am I a Church Planter?

Effective church planters are uniquely wired. To help you understand if you have the potential to be an effective lead planter, let's start with a conversation. First, fill out our Pre-Assessment Questionnaire and then we'll contact you to set up a time to talk.

After we receive your completed questionnaire, we'll get in touch with you about you and your spouse being formally assessed as church planters.


2 - Assessment

Because assessment is key contributor to the long-term effectiveness of new churches, we seek to offer an intensive behavioral assessment to those that are seeking to plant.

Formal church planting Assessment is a four-day experience to help you discover your best fit in a church plant. We assess your character readiness and leadership skills as a lead planter. You'll finish the week with:

  • An assessment of your personal & marital health

  • A clear picture of your personal "wiring"

  • Your leadership strengths & growth points identified

  • A personal & holistic growth plan with a recommended timeline to start church planting


3 - coaching & Residency (Preparation & Networking)

Following Assessment, many of our church planters engage in a 6-month to 2-year leadership training residency. In partnership with the Alliance Northwest and other church planting networks we seek to offer local, regional and national training opportunities. This is where the church planter embeds in a multiplying church (or network of churches) and focuses on building a strong foundation to work from.

Coaching is a vehicle that helps planters discern the goals that they want to accomplish. Through ongoing coaching, planters become more effective in accomplishing their goals, and in turn, healthy churches are planted.

Relevant training gives planters exposure to new concepts, relationships and resources that help them in the church planting journey.  This foundation includes working on the personal development plan from Assessment, as well as gaining experience in these key areas:

  • Leadership development; which includes missional living, skills training, and spiritual formation

  • Training, systems, and relationships to raise finances for the new church

  • Learning and processing your specific church planting context

  • Finalizing and affirming your Church Plant Proposal

We seek to support each church plant in prayer, regular contact, and events designed to nurture the heart and soul of planters.


4 - Planting a Church

In the planting stage, the church planter assembles a team of leaders (often including a resident church planter) that will start the church. As the church planter, you would receive the following support from Northwest Church Planting:

  • Placement in a Lead Planter Cohort for training and personal coaching

  • Training and guidance for forming an Advisory Team / Elder Team

  • Skills training in staff management and coaching

  • International church planting exposure

  • A spouse network

  • Aid in starting a first daughter church


5 - Regional Influence & global impact

Once a leader's church has successfully multiplied, his potential for impacting a region greatly increases. Multiplying opens the door for you and your church to:

  • Identify resources and provide opportunities for emerging leaders to plant churches

  • Advocate for regional and international church planting

  • Send people to serve in international partnerships

  • Provide church and leadership consulting, coaching, and mentoring opportunities

Additionally, many of the churches working with Northwest Church Planting have partnered together to plant churches in strategic places around the world.